20 Ways To Be More Powerful

20 Ways To Be More Powerful

1 Embody optimism; see life in colours.
2 Speak clearly and confidently.
3 Construct a life purpose. Live by it.
4 Respect peopl, even disrespectful ones.
5 Dress well with the clothes you have.

6 Smile; smile often at yourself.
7 Speak truth always, even if it cuts people off.
8 Accept situations you can’t control until you can.
9 Exercise the power of imagination; try to create.
10 Collaborate with well-meaning people.

11 Educate yourself; break indoctrination.
12 Become an expert in a particular field.
13 Observe people and situations.
14 Love people; above all, love yourself.
15 Express gratitude to God always.

16 Have an open mindset.
17 Take good care of your health.
18 Managing money; make it reproduce.
19 Making true friends; cut away the toxic.
20 Handle failure and heartbreak with wisdom.

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