“5 Major Insights Shared by Asamoah Gyan and His Lawyer Following Marriage Annulment Verdict”

The aftermath of the Accra High Court ruling on his marriage annulment case has seen Asamoah Gyam and his legal representative, Edwin Kusi Appiah, embark on media tour to correct what they perceive to be a deliberate spinning of the significance of the verdict.

Asamoah Gyan, on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, had his first media activity on the matter, speaking to Asempa FM during which he issued caution to his ex-wife to call to order the persons who have been trying to turn the story around.

Gyan has also been active on social media, replying to some comments that he believes do not reflect actual happenings.

His lawyer, on the other hand, has been on a media tour, discussing the ruling and making some wild allegations about the case. He has visited over five media houses.

Below are five of them:

Asamoah Gyan has spoken to his ex-wife

Asamoah Gyan revealed in his interview on Asempa FM that he has discussions with Gifty Oware and spoken to her about the need not to muddy the waters.

Gyan said he would be compelled to speak out and make revelations if the attempts to spin the ruling are not addressed.

Ex-wife presented fake parents for marriage

Lawyer Edwin Kusi Appiah disclosed that it came to light during court proceedings that the persons presented as parents to Asamoah Gyan by Gifty Oware were actually not her parents.

According to the lawyer for the former Black Stars striker, Edwin Kusi Appiah, this came to light during the testimony of witnesses presented by Asamoah Gyan during the trial that run for three years.

“When we went to court, people familiar with the woman who testified in court said that the people the woman brought to witness the marriage as her father and mother were actually not her father and mother and they are the people she introduced to Asamoah as her parents,” the lawyer said in an interview on UTV on Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

Asamoah Gyan was threatened

It has been revealed that Asamoah Gyan was compelled to conduct a DNA test on his three children following alleged threats by the supposed husband of his ex-wife to take the children from him.

Lawyer Kusi Appiah stated that Gyan had information that his wife was married to another man and that the man was laying claim to his children, particularly the first born.

“Asamoah Gyan married his wife in 2013 but had been with her since 2003. He got information that prior to marrying her, the lady had married another man. Their marriage had three kids with the firstborn coming in 2005. Asamoah Gyan told me he was threatened by someone that the children, particularly the firstborn were not his and that they belonged to him (the person issuing the threat).

“That is what forced us to go to court and seek permission to conduct DNA on the kids. Thankfully, the DNA test proved that Gyan was the father of the children and he was really happy with it. Gyan was happy because he loved the children. That is the main reason Asamoah Gyan went to court,” he said.

Gifty is still married

According to court documents, Gifty is married to a Ghanaian man based in the United Kingdom. According to reports, the man is known as Mr Oware.

Per the revelations in court, Gifty had been married to the man since 2002, a year before she crossed paths with Asamoah Gyan.

The marriage, per the ruling by the court is still active.

Date of birth on Gifty’s BECE certificate and passport are different

A case of age-cheating advanced by the legal team of Asamoah Gyan was quashed by the court as the High Court accepted the date on the passport of Gifty.

As confirmed by the lawyer of Asamoah Gyan, despite the two documents, carry different dates, the court decided to accept the date on the passport.

This means that the court accepted that at the point of marrying her husband, Gifty was 17 years old contrary to the age which was being propounded by Asamoah Gyan.


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