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66 North UK Limited is offering job opportunities in London with visa sponsorship.

66°North was founded by Hans Kristjánsson in 1926 to create protective gear for Icelandic fishermen and workers who faced extreme weather conditions in the North Atlantic. The brand’s name is derived from the Arctic Circle’s latitudinal line that passes through Sgandafjörur. Its tagline is “Keeping Iceland warm since 1926.”

This article highlights the job vacancies available with 66 North UK Ltd.


66°NORTH generates $50.8 million in annual revenue by producing insulating layers, waterproof and windproof shells, and rain or snow pants that are essential for enjoying the outdoors during the winter season. People rely on 66°NORTH’s products to keep themselves warm, dry, and comfortable while they explore the great outdoors in cold and harsh weather conditions.


The most critical positions at London-based 66 North UK Ltd. are listed here, together with information on each position’s educational requirements and required work experience

Aircraft Mechanics

Specific Roles

  • First, identifying mechanical or electrical issues
  • Second, repair the electrical systems, wings, brakes, and other parts of the aircraft.
  • Thirdly, repair damaged components with hand or power tools.
  • Next, check for flaws in replacement aircraft parts.
  • Also, read service manuals to learn how to fix things.
  • Besides that, use gauges and perhaps other diagnostic tools to test airplane parts.
  • Moreover, verify completed work for compliance with performance standards
  • In addition, keep track of the upkeep and repair work.

Charter Planner

Specific Roles

  • First and foremost, coordinating with customer service representatives to verify accuracy of all flight information and quick response to requests and modifications
  • Next, provide the appropriate customs and immigration agencies with accurate passenger information
  • Also, arranging for airport slots, refueling, ground handling services, PPR, and extensions as needed
  • Moreover, helping with standards and aircraft preparation
  • Furthermore, give the operations staff and pilots a precise, thorough brief. Keep an eye on costs and double-check all invoices. ensuring that the program and any accompanying services are effective in terms of both time and cost
  • In addition, keeping in close contact with engineers to maintain a dynamic flight schedule, as well as assist and interact with other stakeholders like crewing, HOTAC, catering, etc.

Engineering Training Managers

Specific Roles

  • First, putting together and giving a report at the regular management review meetings
  • Second, putting together and delivering internal training programs as needed
  • Next, keeping track of each individual’s currency training needs and updating departmental managers on those needs
  • Also, communicate with and oversee third-party training providers as specified by the Unit Training Plans.
  • Lastly, actively participate in promoting aviation safety and the system safety system in general.


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