A Three-Year Prison Sentence for Sharing Ex-Girlfriend’s Explicit Photos

In an October 19th ruling, an Accra Circuit Court sentenced an unemployed man to three years in prison for disseminating explicit images of his former girlfriend to his social circle on social media. Joshua Asiedu, also known as Kwame Ketewa, was further directed to pay GH₵10,000 in compensation to the 19-year-old victim for the emotional distress he caused her. The court, presided over by Mrs. Christina Cann, found Asiedu guilty of non-consensual sharing of intimate images. The prosecution could not substantiate charges of death threats and domestic violence, specifically emotional abuse, resulting in Asiedu’s acquittal on these counts.

In his plea for leniency, Asiedu implored the judge, claiming that all allegations against him were untrue. The prosecution, led by Chief Inspector Opoku Aniagyei, disclosed that the complainant was a 49-year-old trader residing in Accra, while the victim, a 19-year-old high school graduate, lived with her mother in Odorkor, Accra. The convict also resided in Odorkor.

The case originated from Asiedu’s illicit relationship with the victim in 2018, which the victim subsequently ended due to her father’s knowledge of it. In response, Asiedu posted the victim’s nude images on his WhatsApp status for public viewing in 2021. He also shared these images with two of the victim’s friends, Kasia and Sika. Asiedu began to threaten the victim, leading to her emotional turmoil, including feelings of humiliation, fear, and depression. School authorities noticed her distress and informed her parents, who then handed her over to a school counselor. Following the counseling session, a report on the victim was submitted.

The complainant reported Asiedu’s behavior to the Domestic Violence and Victim’s Support Unit on May 17, 2021, prompting a search for Asiedu. He eventually resurfaced on January 26, 2023, leading to his arrest. As part of the investigation, a caution statement was obtained from him, and evidence, including photographs of the victim’s nude pictures and audio recordings of threats, were retrieved from the victim’s father’s cell phones.

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