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Abeiku Santana Achieves Third Master’s Degree and Shares Academic Transcript Showing 11 As and 2 B+s

Media personality, Gilbert Aggrey, popularly known as Abeiku Santana, recently shared his academic transcript, which revealed an impressive performance during his master’s degree studies in Marketing Strategy at the University of Ghana Business School. He obtained As in eleven out of the thirteen courses he undertook within two semesters, while the remaining two courses earned him a B+.

In a tweet, Abeiku Santana emphasized the importance of investing in knowledge and credited his wife for inspiring him to pursue higher education. He praised his wife for being an encouragement and an inspiration, adding that she played a significant role in his academic success.

He expressed his gratitude to God for giving him a supportive partner who continually motivates him to strive for excellence. His wife also congratulated him on his achievement and expressed her pride in his accomplishments, stating that he had made their family and the average Ghanaian proud

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