Adisadel College Student Arrested for Violent Attack, Court Appearance Set for Friday.

Police Arrest Adisadel College Student Involved in Viral Video Assault

The Cape Coast Police have taken swift action and arrested an Adisadel College student captured in a viral video choking his fellow classmate in a dormitory. The disturbing incident prompted authorities to caution the student with causing harm and assault. He was subsequently released to the school’s Headmaster, who will present him in court on Friday.

In the wake of the incident, the victim, initially suspended, has been recalled to the school. The institution is prioritizing his well-being and recovery by providing medical treatment and assigning a psychologist to offer the necessary support and counseling during this traumatic period.

The video of the assault has sparked widespread concern and outrage among parents, students, and the public, raising questions about the safety of students in educational settings. In response, the school has taken decisive action by suspending all involved students pending further investigations.

It has come to light that the assault took place on June 30, but both the perpetrator and the victim kept it hidden initially. The school’s administration is dedicated to ensuring a safe learning environment and taking firm action against any form of violence or misconduct.

The school and relevant authorities are working together to ensure that the victim receives the necessary support, while the perpetrator faces the appropriate legal consequences for his actions.

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