Afia Pokuaa expresses surprise that despite the lack of funds, Ghanaians are still relaxing in Kwahu.

Ghanaian media personality, Afia Pokuaa (Vim Lady), has taken to social media to question how Ghanaians who are complaining of hard times are still able to have fun at the Kwahu Easter festivities, which many consider to be a ‘money consuming’ event.

She expressed her surprise on Twitter and wrote, “Eiiii Ghanaians, “no money”, “no money” but see the chilling you are chilling in Kwahu,” accompanied by a thinking emoji.

Her comment has sparked mixed reactions from her social media followers. While some agree with her statement, others believe that people set aside money for such occasions and budget accordingly. There are also those who point out that not all Ghanaians are affected by the current economic conditions of the country.

A netizen responded, “Point of correction, some Ghanaians, not all Ghanaians madam. Some are hungry and have nothing to even eat. Speak for those you are seeing. The whole of Ghana is not in Kwahu.”

Kwahu is a popular destination for Easter holidays, with many people traveling to the town to experience the fun-packed activities and spend time with their loved ones.

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