“Agyinasare Faces Backlash for Controversial Statement on Nogokpo as ‘Demonic Headquarters’ in the Volta Region”

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, the founder and leader of Perez Chapel International, has faced significant criticism following a sermon he delivered on May 24, 2023, during the Supernatural Summit at the church’s headquarters in Accra. In his sermon, Archbishop Agyinasare discussed divine protection and the existence of evil forces, providing examples to support his teachings. However, it was his account of a spiritual attack his team allegedly experienced during a crusade in the Volta Region that sparked controversy.

During his sermon, Archbishop Agyinasare recounted an incident where his team stayed in Agbozume, passing through Nogokpo, which he described as the “demonic headquarters” of the Volta Region. He mentioned that Bishop Yaw Adu spoke about witchcraft, leading to a tire coming off their vehicle when they were driving from Aflao to Agbozume. Following the video’s publication online, the Archbishop faced heavy criticism, including from the handlers of the Nogokpo shrine.

In response, the Nogokpo shrine issued a Facebook post on May 25, 2023, warning Archbishop Agyinasare against making derogatory statements about their religion. They accused some pastors associated with him of seeking powers and new members from their shrine. The shrine emphasized that their religion does not tolerate lies, fake prophecies, fraud, or extortion, and suggested that the Archbishop should focus on educating his members about his own religion rather than attacking others. They also highlighted the principle of freedom of religion and worship, urging the Archbishop to refrain from passing judgment on other faiths.

Please note that the information provided is a rewritten version of the original text and does not reflect my personal opinions or views.

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