Akosombo Dam Spillage: Victims Disregarded Prior Warnings, Says NADMO PRO

The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) has pointed fingers at residents residing near the Akosombo Dam for disregarding repeated warnings to evacuate the area in the event of a spillage.
Some individuals and civil society organizations have criticized NADMO officials for failing to promptly provide accurate information to residents before the dam spillage.
In an interview on Citi TV/Citi FM’s The Big Issue, the Director of Communications at NADMO, George Ayisi, defended that the victims suffered from the Akosombo Dam spillage because they did not take the warnings seriously.
He stated that residents were caught off guard after earlier warnings of possible spillage in 2022 did not materialize, but he emphasized that they had consistently educated the residents.
Mr. Ayisi highlighted that the simulation exercises conducted by NADMO in May 2023 were intended to sensitize residents to prevent the disaster they are currently facing.
He clarified, “The assemblies, all major stakeholders in the communities were there, we engaged them. We demonstrated what ought to be done, we extensively involved them. We were doing concurrent simulation exercises. And so I’m surprised people say nobody was notified. The people were aware, but they didn’t believe the spillage was going to happen because in 2022, VRA warned of a spillage, the people were informed, but it didn’t happen. So they thought last year we came and told them but nothing happened.”
Additionally, he indicated that the warnings have prevented the region from experiencing any fatalities following the spillage.
“I believe it is part of that exercise that we have not recorded any fatality as of now,” he stated.
Mr. Ayisi emphasized that they had to compel some affected victims to evacuate after the spillage and that safe havens have been provided for them.

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