Alban Bagbin Asserts LGBTQ+ Issues Are Neither Animal Nor Human Rights

Alban Bagbin, the Speaker of Parliament, has expressed strong support for the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill currently under review in Ghana. He believes that this legislation is essential to safeguard humanity and uphold traditional Ghanaian customs.

During a parliamentary engagement with members of civil society, Bagbin emphasized that the West is leading Ghanaians and Africans towards extinction, but Ghana will not follow that path. He argued that Europe will perish within 50 years, with only non-Europeans residing there, and predicted a similar fate for America in 100 years.

Bagbin asserted that Ghana will not succumb to these trends, particularly highlighting his concerns about individuals in the LGBTQ+ spectrum whom he referred to as “queers.” He found their diverse classifications and sexual preferences worrisome, suggesting that they might even identify as animals or desire marriages to animals, such as wanting to be cats or wedded to dogs.

Challenging the notion of LGBTQ+ rights as human rights, Bagbin firmly stated that such claims go beyond basic animal rights. He emphasized that passing the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill is the right, fair, and just action, intended to preserve an enduring world.

Bagbin acknowledged the calls to delay the passage of the Bill but highlighted that parliament had conducted a comprehensive nationwide engagement on the matter. He asserted that this legislation would be a game-changer, reflecting the consensus among stakeholders.

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