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Amidst Plans for Niger Intervention, ECOWAS Military Leaders Convene in Ghana

This week, top military leaders from the West African economic and political alliance, ECOWAS, are slated to gather in Accra for a rescheduled meeting. The purpose of this meeting, as outlined in a BBC report, is purportedly to discuss potential intervention in Niger, where a military junta staged a coup last month.

Their previous assembly occurred in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, a fortnight ago, just before an extraordinary summit of Heads of State. During these discussions, there was a focus on diplomatic strategies in addressing the junta, even though the military option remained under consideration.

Due to technical issues, the subsequent meeting of the army chiefs had been previously postponed.

There has been substantial resistance to military intervention in Niger, notably in northern Nigeria and within Ghana’s political sphere.

Over the weekend, prospects for a diplomatic solution to the Niger crisis emerged after Gen Abdourahmane Tchiani, the junta’s leader, engaged in talks with a group of influential Islamic clerics, as mentioned in the BBC report.

Earlier this week, the junta announced its intention to charge democratically-elected President Mohamed Bazoum with treason, asserting that they possessed ample evidence for prosecution. This move drew condemnation from both ECOWAS and the United Nations.

In neighboring Mali, the interim military government’s leader reported a conversation with President Vladimir Putin, wherein Putin emphasized the importance of a peaceful resolution to the Niger crisis to ensure a more stable Sahel region.

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