Amidu Reveals: COP Mensah Has Four Months Remaining in Police Service

Martin Amidu Reveals New Information about COP Mensah’s Employment Status in Leaked Tape Saga

Martin Amidu, in a statement regarding the leaked tape saga, has disclosed a previously unknown fact about the employment status of Commissioner of Police (COP) Mensah. COP Mensah is accused of plotting the removal of Inspector-General of Police, George Akuffo Dampare, through political lobbying.

Amidu clarified that the contents of the leaked tape were simply part of the usual scheming within the Ghana Police Service for top positions. While he vouched for the authenticity of the tape, he cautioned opposition parties, particularly the National Democratic Congress (NDC), to recognize it as a diversionary tactic employed by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) ahead of the 2024 elections.

According to Amidu, COP Mensah, who is heard on the leaked tape, is actually on terminal leave with only four months remaining before discharge from the Ghana Police Service. Amidu stated that the senior officers captured on video or other platforms, scheming against the Inspector-General of Police, are engaged in a tradition that undermines colleagues in an attempt to secure higher appointments.

Amidu also revealed that he knows the other politician who recorded the police officers implicated in the plot, highlighting a previous lawyer-client relationship with the NPP figure. He mentioned visiting the politician’s office in Accra and observed his continuous engagement with phone calls while in conversation.

This disclosure by Martin Amidu sheds new light on the ongoing saga surrounding the leaked tape and the alleged plotting within the Ghana Police Service.

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