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The mayor of Canada city of Toronto, John Torres, 68, has resigned following a newspaper publication of having sexual encounter in his office with a 31-year-old colleague.

Had it been Ghana, even the women would’ve praised the man for embarking on such an unholy adventure, applauded his bedmatic prowess and condemned their own.

The reason Osofo Kyiri Abosom wants to be President, but would still, shamelessly, declare on live TV that “I have had nice babies with my two househelps; my wife can go hang”!!!

Moral codes

Our Ghanaian society has moral codes and behavioural standards but these have been thrown out of the window, and we’re all walking about with egregiously seared conscience.

We’ve now become a society where a fool with unexplained wealth is treasured, but the wise of upright character is despised; gaping sycophancy has supplanted bitter truth.


Our governance system has been reduced to pure intolerance of opposing-views, and absolutely nothing of national importance is viewed through the prism of patriotism.

When you see people swarming a personality and vowing to “shed blood” to make him/her the President, the motivation is never about nation-building, but pure pocket-stuffing.


Inherently, the typical Ghanaian is humble, helpful, obedient and hardworking. But for some strange reason, we now represent everything completely opposite of same.

The old have stucked to the old ways of doing things, and the youth have learned and perfected the evil ways of the old. The love for self always comes before the collective.


The Ghanaian society is completely engulfed in stinking levels of corruption but everyone is pointing to the other person. We profess pure religiosity but exhibit constipated godliness.

Naturally, God has endowed us with all the wealth to live in comfort and happiness but we have been spectacular disappointment, and are now an apology of a progressive society!!!

credit:Justice A. Newton-Offei

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