Andy Owusu Writes: S3 Asa Kumawu!! Tribute To Hon. Basoah

My friend Basoah, “Damirifa Due”

On Thursday, I received a call from Basoah. He said: “My brother, the task you assigned to me has been completed. You said to me that Wontumi’s biggest ambition for power was to enable him to support Dr Bawumia. In our conversation, you indicated to me how much you were pushing for Dr Bawumia. You said, “You can ask Ayew Afriyie, I am seriously on the job.” But, I am waiting for the two appointments you promised for my people.

You indicated further “Andy, I sent an issue to the court, you and Lawyer Garry instructed me to drop the case, which I did out of respect for you. I am pleading with you; I need the two appointments for my people

On Friday, I received a call from Dr Ayew Afriyie that he could not reach you, so he asked me to reach out to you. I tried calling you at the same moment but quite unusual of you, you were not able to answer my calls. I called you countless times until your phone went off. I was restless because I knew what you were going through. Sadly, they broke the news to me that your lifeless body was found in your room.

It is a very difficult and unbearable pain to lose a brother like you.

I remember, in the recent past, the people of Kumawu threatened to kill me because they thought I was scheming to protect you.

As your confidant, you confided in me how much suffering you had endured from the very moment you became MP for the people of Kumawu. But little did you show such suffering was gradually sending you to your early grave.

Sometimes, you get so sad and as usual, I tried to encourage you not to give up. As I always say, only God could take your Parliamentary seat from you” Sadly, that appears to be the reality now.

I remember during the peak of the banter between you and your constituents, Wontumi was the one who stepped in to resolve the issue.

I recall vividly the maturity you exhibited during the meeting inside the Church that day, though a lot of people attempted to provoke you. Your charisma was beautiful and it made me love you the more.

To the Opposers of Basoah; now that he is no more, are you still going to kill me? Now that he is dead, would you keep saying I would be scheming for him again? My only sin was to protect Basoah and that was purely my motive. It is so sad, how Bosoah was handled by the people he loved. I don’t mean to say that someone killed him but, what he always said to me was that “Andy I am always under pressure from some people of Kumawu and it is killing me slowly”.

I suspect this internal pressure may have caused his sudden demise.

My brother, I know you did not have peace of mind in politics but, God will grant you peace in heaven, “Damirifa Due”.
It is very painful, especially for those of us who supported you through it all, may your soul be provided with protection in the abode of God.

I seek for God’s blessing for you; let your spirit back Dr Bawumia to the highest throne of the country. I pray that God will grant your soul eternal rest.

Rest in Peace, Hon. Basoah

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