“Arrests Made After Five T.I Ahmadiyya SHS Students Stab 12 Form 2 Students”

Five students from Gomoa Potsin T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School are now in police custody due to their involvement in a violent attack that left 12 Form 2 students injured. This disturbing incident occurred as a retaliation for a previous altercation between one of the attackers’ colleagues and a junior student.

Under the cover of darkness, the assailants, primarily Form 3 students with leadership from final-year students, launched their assault in the dormitory just after the lights-out sirens. Armed with knives and clubs and using flashlights to disorient their victims, they inflicted harm on their unsuspecting fellow students.

Although the school’s security team and the Potsin Neighborhood Watch Committee reacted swiftly, they couldn’t prevent 12 students from sustaining injuries. The injured students were promptly taken to the Potsin Polyclinic for medical attention.

Sources indicate that this violent act was in direct response to the SHS 2 student’s slap of a senior student on September 8, 2023. Strangely, despite a warning given by a member of the attacking group to some of the SHS two students about the impending assault, they chose to remain silent until the attack unfolded.

In a related incident, a student returning to campus from town was also attacked and stabbed, with his mobile phone stolen, on a late Saturday evening.

The school’s security team, in collaboration with the Gomoa Potsin Neighborhood Watch Committee, carried out investigations that led to the arrest of these five students. They have now been turned over to the Gomoa Potsin police for further investigation.

While the school authorities have maintained silence on the situation, sources suggest that the parents of the suspects have been summoned, and a committee is being formed to delve into this disturbing matter.

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