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Ashanti Region NDC Receives Petition to Suspend Hon. Mubarak Muntaka Amid Growing Internal Friction in the Party

As Cracks Deepen in NDC Party, Ashanti Region Receives Petition to Suspend Hon. Mubarak Muntaka for Taking Legal Action Against Constituency Executives

A petition has been sent to the National Democratic Congress in the Ashanti Region, calling for the suspension and reprimand of Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak, the member of Parliament for Asawase constituency. The petition, submitted by Fatiu Salihu, cites Muntaka Mubarak’s legal action against 11 branch executives in the Asawase constituency as the reason for the call to action.

The defendants are accused of issuing a press statement containing defamatory remarks about the MP, including claims that he owns 15 stores at the newly built Asawase Market. Muntaka Mubarak is demanding 10 million Ghana cedis for aggravated and exemplary damages, as well as a retraction and unqualified apology from the defendants to be published to all media houses that the defendants caused to publish, circulate or distribute the defamatory materials.

The petitioner argues that the MP should have handled the matter internally within the party, by lodging a complaint against the accused individuals with the Constituency Executive Committee, rather than taking legal action against them. The petition claims that Muntaka Mubarak’s actions could destabilize the party in the constituency and affect their bid to retain the seat.

The call for suspension and reprimand of Muntaka Mubarak comes amidst growing internal friction in the NDC party, and highlights the need for the party to address such issues in a timely and effective manner

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