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Asankragwa-based Nigerian Sex Worker Expresses Frustration with ‘Ashawo’ Job

A sex worker based in Asankragwa, a town in the Amenfi West Municipality of the Western Region of Ghana, has expressed her dissatisfaction with the difficulties that sex workers in the area are currently facing. In an interview with Connect FM’s Kaakyire Kofi Badu, the sex worker spoke out about the frustrations and challenges that they have been dealing with in their line of work.

According to the sex worker, the recent demolition of brothels in the area by the Municipal Chief Executive, Lord Nana Tandoh, has left the sex workers in disarray. The demolition has had a significant impact on the sex workers, who rely on the brothels as their primary place of work. Without the brothels, they have been forced to work on the streets, which is not only more dangerous but also makes it more difficult for them to attract clients.

The sex worker explained that working on the streets exposes them to a lot of risks, including violence, harassment, and arrest by the police. She noted that since the demolition of the brothels, their business has been declining, and they are struggling to make ends meet. She also expressed concern that the demolition of the brothels may lead to an increase in sexually transmitted infections, as sex workers are unable to access condoms and other forms of protection.

The sex worker’s comments highlight the challenges that sex workers face in Ghana and other parts of the world. Sex work is often stigmatized and criminalized, which makes it difficult for sex workers to access healthcare, legal protection, and other essential services. The recent demolition of brothels in Asankragwa underscores the need for policymakers to take a more comprehensive approach to sex work, one that recognizes sex workers’ rights and provides them with the support they need to work safely and with dignity

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