Asanteman Chief in the USA Takes His Own Life, Citing Frustration with Working for Others’ Benefit

After the tragic death of a Ghanaian man in the United States, a voice recording has emerged shedding light on the possible motive behind his suicide and attempted murder. The 49-year-old deceased, identified as Michael Amoako, accused his 50-year-old wife, Harriet Yaa Gyamfua, of threatening to leave him and marry her former boyfriend in Ghana.

In an audio recording shared by Kofi TV, Amoako addressed a person named Awura and entrusted them with his house, instructing them to pass on his message to Nhyira. He revealed that Yaa had confessed her intention to marry Emmanuel Duah, with whom she had been in a long-term relationship. According to Amoako, Duah had been providing for Yaa, and she considered him her husband from the beginning. Amoako clarified that he had only helped Yaa come abroad and that their four children did not make him her husband. Yaa intended to use her immigration status to bring Duah to America, which deeply affected Amoako and led him to skip work.

Amoako also provided directions regarding his will, instructing his family to send his belongings and his body back to Ghana. He mentioned specific items, such as goods in a backyard kiosk, dismantled motorbikes with spare parts, and an agent’s contact information for shipping arrangements. He bid farewell, requesting that his body be laid to rest beside Brother Adjei and expressing his disappointment in the way he had been treated. He concluded by stating that he couldn’t work for someone else to reap the benefits, and expressed hope for a future meeting.

The emergence of this voice recording offers insights into the personal struggles and circumstances that may have contributed to the tragic events surrounding Amoako’s death.

Police Respond to the Incident

On Wednesday, June 7, 2023, at approximately 10:36 p.m. (US time), Columbus police responded to a domestic violence report at an address on Glendon Road. Tragically, the situation escalated into a shooting incident before officers arrived.

Upon reaching the scene, authorities discovered the lifeless body of 49-year-old Kwabena Michael Amoako. His wife, identified as 50-year-old Yaa Gyamfua, had sustained gunshot wounds and was swiftly transported to Riverside Methodist Hospital in critical condition.

The couple’s neighbor, Michael Montgomery, expressed shock and disbelief over the incident, stating that the couple had always been amiable, and he had never observed any issues between them. Learning about the gunfire from the couple’s three young sons, who sought help by knocking on Montgomery’s door, heightened the gravity of the situation.

According to Montgomery, the 16-year-old son recounted that an argument between his parents had escalated, resulting in two gunshots. The children fled the house and sought refuge at their neighbor’s residence. Montgomery lamented his inability to prevent the tragedy and highlighted that there were no apparent indications of such violence within the family.

Having resided in the neighborhood for nearly a decade, the couple was known for their active involvement in the local Ghanaian community. Their sudden loss has left friends, neighbors, and community members devastated.

Preliminary investigations conducted by the police have revealed that Amoako shot his wife before taking his own life. Due to the seriousness of Gyamfua’s injuries, the Columbus Police Homicide Unit has assumed responsibility for further investigation into the incident.

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