Assin North: Farmer defeats 18-foot long python in fierce fight

In an astonishing feat, 33-year-old farmer John Tege from Assin So-wo-dadiem in the Assin North District of the Central Region bravely defeated an 18-foot-long python in a fierce encounter.

Describing the incident to Rich FM and Angel News Reporter Kwame Owusu Asante Shadrack, Mr. Tege recounted that while returning home from his farm, his dog, which was a short distance away, suddenly began whining. Alarmed by this, he turned to find a cold-eyed, massive python coiling around the dog, attempting to suffocate or consume it. This happened when they reached a riverside on their way home.

Mr. Tege observed the dog’s struggle within the python’s coils and, determined to rescue it, mustered the courage to confront the python with his cutlass. Recalling the encounter, he explained that the animal became agitated and began to chase him. After creating some distance, he devised a different strategy to confront the python once more with the cutlass, eventually defeating it by inflicting wounds that ensured the python’s demise.

Following this triumphant showdown, residents were astonished when Mr. Tege removed the python from his sack and unraveled it after taking it home. He revealed his intention to sell the snake for Gh¢600.00 to traditional medicine practitioners. This is because the snake’s fat is believed to have medicinal properties useful in treating ailments such as swellings, boils, toothaches, and for reducing stretch marks and scars.

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