At your age, you don’t need any advice – Asantehene to new Abirahene

Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has charged the newly appointed chief of Abira in the Ashanti Region with the responsibility of diligently working for the town’s progress and the welfare of its people. During the enstoolment ceremony, the Ashanti Kingdom’s leader emphasized that Nana Bona Kessetare II, despite his advanced age, had finally assumed the throne after a previous denial, symbolizing a correction of past injustices.

“We are rectifying historical injustices, and that’s why you stand here today. While the Assin and Bretu communities have had their opportunities, the Aduanas have their rightful turn now. It’s your duty to lead the town honestly for me,” he remarked. Otumfuo advised the family head, Abusuapanyin, and other subjects to collaborate with the new chief and provide him with the necessary support for his endeavors.

“With his age and experience, there’s little advice to offer him. He knows how to handle affairs, having been part of the system for so long,” Otumfuo stated before initiating the enstoolment rites. The enstoolment reportedly occurred on Thursday, August 31, 2023, as reported by Opemsuo Radio, which extensively covers events related to the Manhyia Palace.

During the ceremony, Otumfuo elaborated on the processes leading to the chief’s return to the throne, emphasizing the importance of sacrifice and respect for subjects. Nana Bona Kessetare II pledged to continue the legacy of service and dedication to the Golden Stool and the Ashanti Kingdom, honoring his forebears’ contributions.

He concluded his oath with a solemn commitment: “When Otumfuo calls me, day or night, and I do not respond, I will bear the consequences.” The enstoolment of the new Abirahene marks the second such event in recent months, contrasting with five destoolments by the Ashanti Kingdom’s overlord.

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