Ato Forson Calls for Investigation into Money Stolen from Cecilia Dapaah’s Home

Minority Leader Calls for Immediate and Impartial Investigation into Alleged Theft from Sanitation Minister’s Residence

Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, the Minority Leader, has called for an urgent and unbiased investigation to determine the source and legitimacy of the over $1 million and other various sums of money and items reportedly stolen from the residence of the Minister of Sanitation, Cecilia Abena Dapaah.

Recent revelations have brought to light the alleged involvement of two house helps employed by Madam Dapaah and her husband, Daniel Osei Kuffour, in the theft of substantial amounts of money and valuable items totaling millions of Ghana Cedis from their home.

In response to the concerning situation, the Minority Leader took to his Facebook page to express the need for swift action, stating that “given the magnitude and gravity of the situation,” it is imperative for the Sanitation Minister to recuse herself to allow for a thorough and independent investigation into the alleged stolen money and items.

The call for an impartial investigation is aimed at uncovering the truth behind the reported theft and to ascertain the legitimacy and origin of the large sums of money involved. Such an investigation is crucial in upholding transparency and accountability in the public domain.

It is essential for the authorities to act promptly and diligently in handling this matter to ensure justice is served and to maintain public confidence in the integrity of public officials and the government. The seriousness of the alleged theft demands a thorough examination, conducted without bias, to uphold the rule of law and safeguard the trust of the Ghanaian people.

The Minority Leader’s call underscores the importance of holding public officials accountable for their actions and ensuring that any allegations of wrongdoing are thoroughly investigated and addressed. Such actions are vital in promoting good governance and maintaining public trust in the institutions that serve the nation.

As the investigation unfolds, it is crucial for all parties involved to cooperate fully with the authorities to facilitate a transparent and comprehensive inquiry. Only through an impartial and robust investigation can the truth be unveiled, providing clarity on the alleged stolen funds and items.

In conclusion, the call for an immediate and impartial investigation into the alleged theft from the residence of the Sanitation Minister is a significant step towards upholding accountability and transparency in public service. It is essential that the truth is uncovered and that appropriate actions are taken to ensure justice prevails.

Below is Mr. Forson’s Facebook post.

Dear Friends,

Recent revelations have come to light regarding the discovery of an astonishing amount of money in the private residence of a Ghanaian Minister.

The sum in question amounts to $1 million, €300,000, and millions of Ghanaian Cedis.

We cannot overlook such a serious development that has the potential to undermine the very principles of probity, accountability, and transparency in our governance.

Given the magnitude and gravity of this situation, it is essential that an immediate and impartial investigation be carried out to ascertain the source and legitimacy of these funds.

I strongly urge the concerned Minister to voluntarily step aside from her duties until the relevant state institutions have conducted a thorough and independent investigation into this matter.

The people of Ghana deserve nothing less than a government that serves their interests with honesty and dedication.

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