Bawumia Campaign Team Rejects Allegations of Islamic Funding

Bawumia Campaign Team Denies Funding Claims by Nigerian Islamic Group ACF

The Communications Directorate of the Bawumia Campaign Team refutes the assertions made by David Humdeyin, a Nigerian journalist, regarding funding from the ACF, an Islamic group in Nigeria. In a statement issued, they declared the claims as false and emphasized that similar narratives propagated on social media in Ghana are entirely fabricated and aimed at serving the propaganda interests of those promoting them.

Below is the full statement by the Communications Directorate 

Allegations of Islamic Funding for the Bawumia Campaign is False

The attention of the Bawumia Campaign Team has been drawn to a post by one David Humdeyin, a journalist in Nigeria, that the Bawumia Campaign is being funded by some Islamic group in Nigeria called the ACF. 

We notice that the same narrative has been copied by some persons and groups in Ghana on social media.
This narrative is obviously false, fabricated, and only serves the propaganda purposes of its promoters.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Bawumia Campaign has no funding or any linkage with any Islamic group in Nigeria or anywhere else. 

We also note that the said David Humdeyin has demonstrated a penchant for making similar claims against some persons and groups in Nigeria without any basis whatsoever 

The Bawumia Campaign is focused and will not be distracted by such vain untruths. 

The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has been very diligent and transparent from his days as a scholar, banker, and politician throughout his life and will not depart from these now and forever.

Issued by:
*Communications Directorate*

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