Ben Ephson predicts NPP’s victory over NDC in Assin North by-election

Renowned pollster Ben Ephson has expressed support for Charles Opoku, the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) candidate in the Assin North by-election, over James Gyakye Quayson of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). In an interview with Joy News, Ephson stated that the election is closely contested, but he believes the determining factors favor the NPP.

Ephson based his prediction on the fact that Gyakye Quayson won the 2020 elections primarily due to his connection to Assin Bereku, where he hails from. As Assin Bereku has the largest number of voters within the constituency, Gyakye Quayson enjoyed the advantage of massive support from his own people. However, the situation has changed as Charles Opoku, the NPP candidate, also comes from the same town.

Ephson also argued that the NDC’s campaign for “sympathy votes” has suffered a setback following a court decision allowing Gyakye Quayson to campaign while his criminal trial is ongoing. This has reduced the potential for sympathy votes from swing voters who were influenced by the belief that a by-election brings development projects and financial benefits from both parties.

According to Ephson, the NPP candidate has an advantage as he has been involved in politics and has prepared himself for the role in recent years through his NGO’s activities. He suggested that if one were to take a gamble, the NPP candidate would be the better bet, although he acknowledged that the race is too close to call definitively.

Ephson also mentioned that the previous NDC candidate came from Assin Bereku, while the current NPP candidate is popular in another town. Furthermore, the NPP candidate has been involved in philanthropic work in Assin North, which adds to his support base.

The by-election in Assin North is seen as a mid-term election to assess the popularity of the two main political parties ahead of the 2024 elections. James Gyakye Quayson of the NDC is seeking to retain the seat he won in 2020, while Charles Opoku of the NPP aims to secure victory. The by-election was necessitated by a Supreme Court ruling that nullified the 2020 elections in the constituency due to Gyakye Quayson’s dual citizenship status as a Ghanaian and Canadian citizen.

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