Blakk Rasta expresses regret over slapping Wanlov

Blakk Rasta has expressed regret for his past actions towards musician Wanlov the Kubolor, stating that if given the power, he would change the fact that he once slapped him during a misunderstanding between them.

Blakk Rasta has since developed a fondness for Kubolor and holds him in high regard. He expressed his admiration for Kubolor’s character and values, stating that he respects him greatly for his willingness to speak his mind on various issues.

Blakk Rasta revealed that he would welcome the opportunity to establish a closer relationship with Kubolor, adding that he admires him and regrets his past actions towards him. He also acknowledged that they share similar personalities, and he appreciates individuals who are unafraid to express themselves.

Blakk Rasta concluded by stating that he has learned from his past mistakes and hopes never to have any issues with Kubolor again

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