BREAKING: GES Unveils Promotional Results for February 2023.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) management is delighted to announce that the results for the February 2023 promotion test to various teaching grades within the Service have been issued.

Out of the total 80,810 candidates who participated in the test, a commendable 55,917 candidates, constituting 69%, achieved success.

The affected grades encompass:

i. Deputy Director

ii. Assistant Director I

iii. Assistant Director II

iv. Principal Superintendent

Within the Deputy Director category, a sum of 8,565 candidates underwent the test. Among them, 4,655 individuals, equivalent to 54%, accomplished a passing score.

For the Assistant Director I grade, a substantial 25,556 candidates took part in the examination. Impressively, 21,749 of them, accounting for 85%, emerged victorious.

Candidates aiming for the Assistant Director II grade numbered 40,020. Among this group, 24,581 candidates, representing 61%, achieved the qualifying score.

Regarding the Principal Superintendent grade, a total of 6,668 candidates engaged in the examination. A remarkable 74% of them, amounting to 4,932 candidates, earned the title of successful.

All candidates who participated in the exams will receive a message notifying them of their success status. (Please be aware that the promotion site will NOT be accessible this year.) Official promotion letters will be distributed in the near future.

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