Bugri Naabu Ready for Leaked Tape Probe: “If I Commit an Offence, the Offence Will Hold Me Accountable”

Bugri Naabu Confirms Knowledge of Leaked Tape Plotting IGP’s Removal

Bugri Naabu, the former Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has acknowledged his awareness of a leaked tape discussing the removal of Inspector-General of Police George Akuffo Dampare. However, in an interview with Kwesi Parker Wilson of Oyerepa FM, he declined to comment on the content of the tape.

Instead, Bugri Naabu called for the release of his employees who were arrested at his office on July 20. The arrested individuals include his aide, SK, and a receptionist named Akua. They were apprehended by operatives of the National Investigations Bureau, accompanied by heavily armed police.

When asked if he would cooperate with any investigations regarding the leaked tape, Bugri Naabu affirmed his commitment to the law and stated that he is not above it. He emphasized that if he has committed any offense, he should be held accountable.

Regarding the two police officers caught on tape, Bugri Naabu expressed uncertainty about instructing them to undergo a probe, stating that he cannot advise them on what to do.

In response to the possibility of being invited by parliament on the matter, Bugri Naabu asserted his willingness to comply if officially summoned, as he does not tell lies.

Refuting claims that he was an ‘accomplice’ of the IGP and had provided the recorded audio to him, Bugri Naabu denied any involvement and disassociated his arrested employees from being responsible for the recording.

Below is the exchange he had on whether or not he was a boy of the IGP 

Parker Wilson (PW): They say you are IGP’s boy. You recorded the tape and gave it to the IGP 

Bugri Naabu (BN): Who is IGP that I can be his boy? Please don’t get me angry. 

PW: But that is the information out there Alhaji.

BN: But do you believe that?

PW: You have to confirm that to me.

BN: You, how many times have to come to me for interviews, how many times haven’t I called you to give you news. Do I look like IGP boy? IGP cannot call me his father, he will call me his chief. Nana, which is what I am.

Watch the interview here:

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