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“CAGD Employees Protest 5% Deduction from Basic Salary: Demands Fair Compensation

5% Deductions in one’s basic Salary now won’t be taken lightly as workers protest over a deduction seen on their payslips.

The Controller and Accountant General’s Department has issued a press release to address the issue.



The attention of the Controller and Accountant-General has been drawn to the protest by CLOGSAG members about the 5% deduction from their basic salary toward tier 3 pension contributions for its members.

The Department wishes to re-state that it prepares the payroll based on inputs submitted by Employer Organizations and Unions, in the case of union dues and related deductions. Processing of such inputs is undertaken when properly signed communications are received from legitimate authorities.

In respect of the issue under reference, the 5% tier 3 deduction for the benefit of CLOGSAG members, effective February 2023, was properly authorized and communicated by the leadership of the Union through their letter with reference number BA/61/SF.1 of 2nd February 2023.

We, therefore, recommend that any concern about the said deduction should be channeled through the management of CLOGSAG.

The Department is however ready to implement the outcome of the resolution of this matter when properly communicated to us through the recognized authority. The Controller and Accountant-General’s Department is always at the service of the public.



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