Cancer is not a spiritually-Induced ailment, early detection can lead to its early prevention – Specialist

The Oncology Nurse specialist who doubles as the head of the Breast and Cervical Care unit at the Sampa Government Hospital in the Jaman North District of the Bono region CNS. Kwadwo Yanchira has taken a swift into how people perceive Cancer to be a spiritually-induced infection and refuted those claims.

He has said that Cancer is not a spiritual infection and not the punishment for an enormity of actions done by someone but it is an ailment that affects the human body as any other disease does to the body hence one must not blame it on any aspect of spirituality on being diagnosed with cancer.

Speaking in an interview with Kwaku Mensah Abrampa, he noted that cancer is preventable only when it is detected earlier therefore being diagnosed with the disease doesn’t mean that is the end of your journey in life adding that staying away from too much consumption of red meat, too much processed and preserved foods and being involved in a lot of exercises, early and frequent visitation to the hospital upon detection of any disease can improve the early detection of cancers and help reduce the risk of being affected by cancer.

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Dr. Kwadwo Yanchira disclosed that age is a risk factor that contributes to cancer in the body indicating that cancers are mostly detected in the aged than the young ones, too much consumption of Alcohol, smoking of cigarettes and tobacco, obesity, and frequent consumption of preserved and processed foods can expose one to cancers.

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He finally advised Ghanaians to take into consideration their health status and ensure consistent visitation to hospitals for checkups and laboratory investigations to facilitate early detection of cancers and other diseases for early treatment and prevention.

He added that the hospitals in the country are actively involved in cancer sensitization and screening exercise, doing all they could to save lives hence it is the need for the citizenry to also consider their lives by making themselves available for checkups to help combat the canker since it keeps increasing day in and day out.

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Source :Kwaku Mensah Abrampa (High Radio – Bechem

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