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“CCT-GH NR’s Demands in the New GES Collective Agreement”

The Northern Region’s Coalition of Concerned Teachers Ghana (CCT-GH) convened a meeting with Regional Officers, District Officers, and Members to discuss the matter of their expired Collective Agreement (Conditions of Service). The previous agreement, which was officially signed on August 27, 2020, had a stipulated duration of three years, and it has now concluded as of August 27, 2023. The gathering aimed to emphasize the need to commence negotiations for a new Collective Agreement.

The group underscores the importance of revising and introducing new allowances, which include:

  1. Extra teaching load allowance.
  2. Research allowance.
  3. Internal examination allowance.
  4. Entertainment allowance.
  5. Housing/rent allowance.
  6. Fuel/transport allowance.
  7. Utility subsidy allowance.
  8. Deprived/difficult area allowance.
  9. An increase in the CPD allowance (PDA).

These additional allowances are viewed as crucial for enhancing the working conditions of teachers in Ghana, particularly those at the pre-tertiary level.

The group extends its full support to the National Leadership in the negotiation process and urges them to advocate for these allowances vigorously. Failing to do so could result in dissatisfaction among teachers.

Signed by Mr. Mohammed Nuhu W. Jingli, the Northern Regional Chairman.

Here is the full statement

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the media.

Here in gathered are Regional Officers, District Officers and Members of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers
Ghana in the Northem Region.

We thank you for responding to our short notice. CCT-GH is grateful to you.

We invited you here this morning on just one issue; that is, our Collective Agreement otherwise known as Conditions of Service.

1. The last Collective Agreement for Teachers in full employment within the Ghana Education Service was signed on the 27th August, 2020. Per section 4.1 of the Collective Agreement, the duration is three years. Therefore, as at August 27th 2023, the Collective Agreement expired.

This calls fora new Collective Agreement to be negotiated for.

2. We therefore call on our National Leadership to with immediate effect ignite the processes for a new Collective Agreement to replace the present one that has expired.

3. We can all attest to the fact that, most of the conditions enumerated in the old Collective Agreement had outlived its usefulness or calls for the need for revision in Some provisions.

4. The Leadership of Teacher Unions (CCT GH, GNAT and NAGRAT) should take
note of the following allowances and negotiate for its implementation in addition to
the already existing allowances without fail,

Extra teaching load allowance.
Research allowance
Internal examination allowance for seting of questions, invigilation and marking
Entertainment allowance
Housing/ rent allowance
Fuel / transport allowance
Utility subsidy allowance
Deprived / Difficult area allowance
Increment in the CPD allowance

This we believe when fulfilled will ameliorate the suffering of the Ghanaian teacher, especially those at the pre-tertiary level whose conditions has deteriorated to a pitiful level.

Finally, we want to assure our National Leadership of our fullest support as they go into the negotiation for a new Collective Agreement. They can call on us morning, afternoon and evening if they encounter any difficulty so we back them with all the arsenals in our bosom as Labour Unions, to ensure that the pre-tertiary teacher for
once get what is due him or her.

National leadership should however note, that, failure to fight for these allowances will bring an uneasy calm at the front of teachers.

Concern!!! Resolute!

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