King Charles greets the King of the Asante and Lady Julia Osei Tutu.

Today at Buckingham Palace, King Charles welcomed with a smile the arrival of the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the King of the Ashantis, and Lady Julia Osei Tutu. They are currently in the UK to attend the Coronation ceremony scheduled for this upcoming weekend.

In a joyful moment captured on camera, Charles was seen smiling alongside the Asantehene as they shared a laugh. During their encounter, a vibrant fringed parasol was held above the head of the Ghanaian monarch, a symbol of the visiting king’s higher rank.

This was not the first time that Charles had met with the Asantehene. In fact, in November 2018, the Asantehene and Lady Julia warmly welcomed Charles and Camilla to the Manhiya Palace in Kumasi, Ghana.

During his visit, King Charles attended the Akwasidae, a cultural festival that honors the Ashanti Kingdom’s traditions and customs. The Asantehene, who has had a longstanding relationship with the British Monarchy, had previously met the Queen and Charles, both of whom received honorary degrees.

King Charles looked elegant in a navy blue suit paired with a patterned blue tie and polished black shoes. He had the pleasure of meeting Uyunkar Domingo Peas, the leader of the Achuar Nation of the Ecuadorian Amazon, who was dressed in traditional attire. They exchanged greetings with a handshake and a warm hug.

Buckingham Palace confirmed that Charles was presented with a feathered crown as a token of appreciation for his “dedication to safeguarding the rainforest and restoring harmony between humanity and nature.”

The environmental reception at the Palace in February had seen Uyunkar Domingo Peas and King Charles meet before, during which the former had gifted the monarch with a necklace made of seeds as a symbol of alliance between the indigenous people and the King.

King Charles was also pleased to meet the Governor General of Canada, Mary Simon, who is of Inuk heritage, and who holds the distinction of being the first Indigenous person to hold the office. The King also welcomed Chief Roseanne Archibald, Natan Obed, and Cassidy Caron, leaders from Canadian indigenous communities.

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