COCOBOD CEO’s Son Draws Massive Support with Over 800 Delegates During Nomination Filing in Oforikrom

Michael Kwasi Aidoo garnered overwhelming support as more than 800 delegates, along with numerous NPP sympathizers, accompanied him during the submission of his nomination forms. Seeking to contest the Oforikrom parliamentary seat, Aidoo, who submitted his forms on December 25, 2023, is considered the frontrunner in the absence of the incumbent MP, Emmanuel Marfo, who is not seeking re-election.

Aidoo’s candidacy is backed by his reputation for effective grassroots mobilization and leadership skills. He has cultivated a robust support base within the party through various entrepreneurship training programs. A longstanding member of the constituency, Aidoo has actively contributed to development projects, including water initiatives, street lighting, bridge repairs, and community football tournaments aimed at fostering local talents and uniting the youth.

His nomination received substantial endorsement from party delegates, with approximately 800 out of 1200 delegates demonstrating unwavering support during the submission of his forms. Delegates cited Aidoo’s humility, commitment to the constituency, and dedication to the party as pivotal reasons for their backing.

Before his formal submission, elderly women and youth groups had already shown their support by collecting and paying for his nomination forms. Aidoo’s educational background includes studies at KNUST Basic and Prempeh College for his senior high education. He holds a first degree from KNUST, an MBA in Strategic Management and Consulting, and an MSC in Oil and Gas Management. In addition to his political aspirations, Aidoo is an experienced entrepreneur currently serving as the Pricing and Risk Manager at BOST.

Speaking to the media after submitting his form, Aidoo attributed his decision to a clarion call from delegates and constituents, expressing his commitment to addressing developmental challenges in Oforikrom. Known for his youth activism, he pledged to prioritize the welfare of the youth and tackle issues of unemployment. Aidoo appealed to delegates for massive endorsement, emphasizing his dedication to realizing the dreams of the Oforikrom constituency.

Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support, Aidoo pledged never to disappoint the delegates and party faithful, acknowledging the remarkable backing received and looking forward to a successful campaign.

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