“Concerned Parent Narrates How Law Has Broken Down at Adisadel College”

A Disturbing Account of Disorder at Adisadel College Raises Concerns

A concerned parent of an Adisadel College student in Cape Coast has shared a distressing narrative about the apparent breakdown of law and order within the once-prestigious educational institution. Speaking anonymously on the Citi Breakfast Show on Tuesday, July 25, the parent recounted a series of troubling incidents that have raised serious concerns about the safety and well-being of students.

According to the parent, there have been multiple instances of bullying and physical violence among students, with no intervention from the school authorities. These alleged incidents include brutal assaults and intimidation by older students against younger ones.

The parent expressed concern that the prevailing atmosphere of lawlessness and impunity in the school has caused fear among the students. Attempts to bring the matter to the attention of the school management were reportedly met with indifference and denial, with some reports even mentioning students wielding cutlasses on campus.

Furthermore, the parent highlighted the lack of proper disciplinary measures and accountability for the perpetrators of these acts, indicating that the absence of decisive action from the school has worsened the problem and seemingly tolerated bullying and violence.

These concerns arise in the aftermath of a viral video showing a student violently assaulting another by forcefully hitting his face against a metal bed, causing profuse bleeding. The incident, which happened on June 30, initially went unreported by both the perpetrator and the victim.

The headmaster, through the chairman of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), issued a brief statement disclosing that both the culprit responsible for the assault and the victim have been sent home, with the victim expected to write his West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) from the West African Examinations Council’s (WAEC) center.

In response to these distressing revelations, parents and guardians of Adisadel College students are calling for urgent action from the school management, the Ministry of Education, and relevant authorities to address the deteriorating situation. They are demanding a comprehensive review of the school’s policies and procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of all students.

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