Council rejects Parents Associations – wants PTA maintained

The National Council of Parent-Teacher Associations (NCPTAs) has strongly urged the Ghana Education Service (GES) to revert the organization’s name from Parent Association (PA) to its original title, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). The NCPTAs argue that the new name was perceived as an imposition by its members and emphasized their desire for an immediate reversal.

This request comes in response to the GES issuing guidelines for students and Parent Associations, acknowledging the historical collaboration between school heads and PTAs. Notably, the guidelines aimed at addressing financial challenges in schools and ensuring proper management of PTA funds.

The NCPTAs, while appreciating the guidelines’ content, expressed concern over the proposed name change and identified inconsistencies in guidelines four and 17. They highlighted the contradiction between prescribing autonomy for the association and circumventing it by granting approval authority to the Director-General and school management.

The letter underscored the significant contributions of PTAs to education over the years, emphasizing the constitutional right to freedom of association. The NCPTAs stated that parents, who are absolute owners of their children, cannot be excluded from decisions affecting their education.

Addressing the issue of guidelines, the NCPTAs urged the GES to set them aside for further engagement, advocating for inclusive and effective procedures acceptable to all stakeholders. They emphasized the collaborative role of GES and PTAs in ensuring the well-being of children and proposed a meeting with the Director-General to streamline the guidelines.

In terms of membership, the NCPTAs clarified that teachers would be members but not involved in fund collections, while students would remain absent from the association. The council assured that no student would face consequences for their parent’s non-payment of contributions. They committed to complementing government and GES initiatives within their financial capacity.

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