CTVET Releases 2023 May/June Examination Results

The Commission for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET) has taken a significant step in shaping the future of technical education by announcing the release of provisional results for the 2023 May/June Certificate II Examinations, Access Course, Technicians, Advanced, and Diploma Examinations.

This announcement is a momentous occasion for Principals of public and private Pre-Tertiary Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institutions, Vice Chancellors of Technical Universities, students, and the General Public alike. The 32,402 candidates, comprising 23,990 males and 8,412 females, who registered and sat for the examinations across 185 public and private Technical Institutes, can now access their results online through the official CTVET portal (

The Certificate I Examination is a testament to the comprehensive education provided, encompassing Core Subjects such as English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Studies, and Entrepreneurship. Additionally, the Elective Component covers the Trade Area Programmes, providing a holistic approach to technical and vocational education.

Notably, candidates for the Access Course Examinations are advised to obtain their results by contacting their respective Technical Universities directly.

However, it is essential to address the issue of 36 candidates whose results have been withheld due to investigations into various forms of examination malpractices and irregularities. This underscores the commitment of CTVET to maintaining the integrity of the examination process and ensuring a fair and transparent evaluation for all candidates.

The statistics reveal a concerted effort towards inclusivity, with candidates from diverse backgrounds and institutions participating. The 120 examination centers across the country served as hubs for knowledge, reflecting the widespread engagement with technical and vocational education.

The Commission extends its gratitude to various stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education, the TVET Service, Security Agencies, Principals of Technical Institutes, Inspectors, Invigilators, Examiners, and everyone involved in supporting the seamless conduct of the examinations and the subsequent release of results.

In conclusion, CTVET remains dedicated to fostering a conducive environment for technical and vocational education, emphasizing its role in shaping skilled individuals ready to contribute to national development. For any further clarifications, the public is encouraged to reach out to the PR Unit of the Commission.

This release of examination results marks not only the achievements of individual candidates but also the collective success of a nation investing in the education and skills of its future leaders.

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