Dafeamekpor: LGBTQ+ Cannot Be Eliminated, But Indoctrination Can Be Prevented

MP Dafeamekpor: LGBTQ+ Cannot Be Completely Stopped in Ghana, Advocates for Safeguarding Children

Rockson-Nelson Etse Kwami Dafeamekpor, the Member of Parliament for South Dayi, has expressed his belief that LGBTQ+ activities cannot be completely eradicated in Ghana. However, he emphasizes the need to implement measures to prevent the indoctrination of innocent children.

During an appearance on the Big Issue on Citi TV hosted by Selorm Adonoo, the MP raised concerns about subtle pro-LGBTQ+ messages present in books, cartoons, and films targeted at children, considering it a worrisome situation.

Dafeamekpor warned that any attempts by individuals seeking to promote LGBTQ+ rights and hinder the passing of the anti-LGBTQ+ bill would be met with strong opposition.

The MP firmly rejected the notion that homosexuals have the right to feel a certain way as opposed to what is considered “normal.” He emphasized the need to differentiate between personal feelings and lifestyle choices.

Regarding LGBTQ+ issues, Dafeamekpor stated, “We can’t stop it, but we have to check it. The checking comes into play when they practice it within their homes. However, they should not take it to the streets and try to indoctrinate innocent children. There are various media platforms, including books, cartoons, and films, that convey the message that there is nothing wrong with this behavior. They want to equate this matter to fundamental human rights, which it is not. It is a lifestyle choice. When it is a medical condition, subject to treatment, that is a different scenario.”

He further expressed concern that some individuals are attempting to change gender and demand the right to determine such matters for children, despite the fact that children do not have the right to vote until they turn 18. Dafeamekpor argued against altering the order of nature, stating that no law permits such actions.

The MP highlighted that HIV rates are higher among homosexuals compared to heterosexuals, and he voiced concerns that these numbers would rise if preventive measures were not put in place.

“People are suggesting that we should accept cross-dressing as part of these lifestyle choices. Allowing it would lead to a cultural disorder. It is a fallacy to claim that these practices do not harm anyone. Statistics show that HIV rates are higher among homosexuals than heterosexuals. How would you feel if children were indoctrinated without any checks? We must resist the promotion of such practices, and that is what this bill aims to prevent. As MPs and sponsors of the bill, it is our duty to protect what remains. If we allow these practices to continue unchecked, our society will suffer,” the lawmaker asserted.

In summary, Dafeamekpor acknowledges that completely eradicating LGBTQ+ activities is unlikely, but he emphasizes the importance of safeguarding children and preventing the promotion of such practices in order to protect societal values and well-being.

Video credit Cititv

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