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Dear uneducated African culture promoter and morality police.

Dear uneducated African culture promoter and morality police:

Anklet or Ankle chain is deeply rooted in African culture before becoming a fashion piece in modern times. It doesn’t portray indecency sometimes a simple research would help you.

Ankle chain wearing is dated far back to ancient Egypt it was worn to show a woman’s social status in society or symbol of wealth.

Ankle chains determine the marital or social status of the wearer. And it also determines the wealth of the family to which one belongs.

In Ivory Coast Among the Senoufous, this jewel is worn during initiatory rites, funerals or certain festivals. It is made mostly of bronze, lost wax, brass.

In Burkina Faso or Congo it is use as a wedding gift. When a young woman is going to get married, ankle bracelets are offered to her as a dowry.

For example, in the Congo, the bridegroom gives his future wife several pairs of bracelets to the feet (about 5) before he can discuss the marriage.

In Liberia and Ghana is worn by the traditional cultural dancers.
It’s is also use as a beauty statement piece for women to wear beads around their necks, arms, wrist, waist, and ankles.

While you using wearing ankle chain as a measurement for bad parenting and indecency.

Let it be known wearing these carefully selected African beads around my ankle is a symbol of my African Heritage. It’s me reclaiming my African culture, showing off the queen that I am.

A lot of you are fed watered down history influence by western culture to have you feeling your own culture is barbaric and lose your African identity.

In some cases it was worn as an identity of your ethnicity which was stripped of Africans as they were captured as salves.

Knowledge is free
Ignorance is expensive

Credit: Kobe Akosah.

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