Director General of Ghana Education Service To Sponsor Akosua Adjei Boateng’s Tertiary Education

In a remarkable gesture of support, the Director General of the Ghana Education Service, who is also a proud native of Juaso, has pledged to sponsor Akosua Adjei Boateng’s tertiary education, allowing her to pursue the course of her choice.

Akosua Adjei Boateng, a former student of Juaso Senior High Technical School in Juaso-Ashanti, recently garnered acclaim for her exceptional academic performance, emerging as the overall best student in the Technical programme. Despite securing an impressive 8As, Akosua, an orphan, has faced significant financial challenges that have prevented her from continuing her education at the tertiary level.

“It saddened me to learn that Akosua, despite her remarkable achievements, was unable to further her education due to financial constraints,” stated the Director General. “As a native of Juaso, I was proud to learn of her accomplishments and felt compelled to assist.”

During the WAEC Distinction Awards last Wednesday, the Director General announced his commitment to sponsoring Akosua’s tertiary education. Following this announcement, he hosted Akosua, her immediate family, and the Head of Juaso Senior High Technical School in his office. The meeting aimed to gain a deeper understanding of Akosua’s career aspirations and to discuss the next steps in her educational journey.

“I am convinced Akosua will excel in her tertiary education, and I am humbled to be a part of her journey,” he expressed.

This sponsorship highlights the critical role of community and institutional support in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for deserving students. Akosua’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact that educational support can have on an individual’s future and the broader community.

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