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“Director of GES Encourages Parental Involvement in Children’s Reading”

Kadjebi (Oti Region), September 21 – Mr. Seth Seyram Deh, Director of Education for Kadjebi District, has urged parents to actively engage in reading activities with their children at home. He emphasized that this practice would stimulate children’s imagination, encouraging them to think bigger and be more creative, which could have long-term benefits in their education, careers, and life.

Mr. Deh pointed out that relying solely on teachers for a child’s academic progress is a contributing factor to the declining education standards in the country. He made these remarks during a meeting marking the closure of ActionAid Ghana’s Combating Modern Slavery Project in Kadjebi, Oti Region.

The Director of Education explained that reading to young children is essential for developing language skills, exposing them to new vocabulary and ways of using language. Encouraging children to read for pleasure and interest, he added, would help them develop strong reading skills and provide meaningful opportunities to practice those skills.

Mr. Deh highlighted that reading also enables children to gain general knowledge about the world, making it easier for them to adapt to new subjects when they attend school. Additionally, he stressed the numerous benefits of reading, such as vocabulary expansion, improved communication skills (both oral and written), alleviation of depression, and slowing down age-related cognitive decline.

Furthermore, Mr. Deh called on parents to take their children’s education seriously by providing them with essential school materials like uniforms, shoes, books, pens, and pencils, as the state cannot provide everything.

Mr. Isaac Komla Agbolosu, Regional Director of the Department of Social Welfare in Oti, urged participants to actively protect children, especially girls, from sexual abuse, emphasizing that such acts go against the purpose intended by God. He emphasized the department’s stance against all forms of gender-based violence and encouraged individuals to report such cases to the appropriate authorities rather than handling them privately at home.

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