Discussion Between Asamoah Gyan and Ex-Wife Following High Court Ruling

Ghanaian Football Legend Asamoah Gyan Discusses Marriage Annulment and Vindication

Asamoah Gyan, the legendary Ghanaian footballer, has revealed that he had a conversation with his ex-wife shortly after the High Court ruling on their marriage annulment, which took place on October 31, 2023. Gyan disclosed that he felt compelled to speak with Gifty Oware in light of attempts by certain individuals, in his opinion, to misinterpret the court’s decision.

During an interview on Asempa FM on November 1, 2023, Asamoah Gyan mentioned that he and his ex-wife discussed the importance of keeping their personal matters private. While he didn’t place blame on his ex-wife for the court ruling becoming public, he issued a warning to those close to her to refrain from speaking out; otherwise, he would feel compelled to defend himself.

Furthermore, Asamoah Gyan claimed vindication, believing that the court’s ruling validated his belief that the marriage was null and void. He expressed his frustration with the way some people were attempting to twist the ruling to portray him in a negative light.

Gyan said, “It has been five years, and people have said a lot of things, but I didn’t complain because I know that as a public figure, these things happen. Because of my kids, I won’t say anything, but now they are trying to twist the ruling to make it seem like I lost the case.”

He continued, “I spoke to Gifty that because of what is going on, I would come out and defend myself. I spoke to her and told her point blank that I have kept quiet on the issue and allowed all kinds of false narratives about me. His people lost the case, but they want public sympathy, so they made it seem like I’m the bad person. Now that the verdict is out and they want to turn it against me, I will come out and talk.”

On October 31, 2023, an Accra High Court made a judgment in a three-year divorce battle involving Asamoah Gyan, agreeing to dissolve the marriage between Gyan and Gifty, which was contracted in 2013. The court also provided directions regarding the paternity of the couple’s three children. Gyan had previously denied paternity, prompting the court to conduct a DNA test, which confirmed his paternity.

As part of the court’s decision, it was determined that Asamoah Gyan was obligated to pay Gifty Gyan a monthly sum of 25,000 Ghana cedis for the upbringing and welfare of the three children, excluding expenses such as school fees, medical care, flight tickets, and various other childcare-related costs.

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