Dr. Bawumia announces readiness to issue Ghana Card numbers to newborns

Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia has announced the readiness for the historic issuance of National Identification numbers, known as Ghana Card numbers, to newborn babies in Ghana. This achievement comes after the successful integration of the databases of the Births and Deaths Registry, the National Identification Authority, and the Ghana Health Service.

The Vice President disclosed that the first Ghana Card number for a newborn baby was issued on Friday, July 21, 2023, following a successful test run of the system. He further explained that in the next month or two, all babies born in Ghana will be issued the Ghana Card number and their Birth Certificate Identification number simultaneously when taken for weighing, as the integrated databases communicate with each other. The nationality of the parents will also be established during this process.

Dr. Bawumia emphasized that this move is transformational, as the babies will have these identification numbers from birth until they pass away. The National Identification Authority officials clarified that cards bearing biometrics and other data will be issued to the children later when their features are fully formed.

Speaking at the 75th Anniversary celebrations of Ghana National College in Cape Coast, Vice President Bawumia highlighted that issuing ID numbers at birth is part of the Government’s digitalization agenda, preparing the nation to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Ghana Card is increasingly becoming the primary proof of identity, serving multiple purposes, including Social Security, Health Insurance, and Tax Identification numbers.

Addressing the impact of Ghana National College on Ghana’s pre-and post-colonial life, Vice President Bawumia urged educational institutions to embrace the possibilities offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance teaching, problem-solving, and critical thinking. He stressed the importance of incorporating ICT and AI into the education system to ensure Ghana remains competitive on the global stage and participates fully in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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