Dr. Bawumia Surpasses Alan in NPP Flagbearership Race, Says Global InfoAnalytics Poll

Dr. Bawumia Takes Lead in National Poll for NPP’s 2024 Election Campaign

According to a recent national poll conducted by Global InfoAnalytics in July 2023, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has gained a three-percentage-point lead among all voters as the preferred candidate to lead the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the upcoming 2024 election. This surge follows the formal launch of his campaign.

The poll indicates that 36% of voters now favor Dr. Bawumia as the NPP leader, while 33% prefer Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen (AKK), and 25% support Kennedy Ohene Agyapong (KOA).

In April 2023, Mr. Kyerematen had a slight lead over Dr. Bawumia, with 30% to 29%. However, among NPP voters, Dr. Bawumia now leads with approximately 50%, followed by Mr. Kyerematen with 33%, and Ken Agyepong with 16% of the vote. In the event of a runoff, the poll indicates that among NPP voters, Dr. Bawumia would secure 55% of the vote, while Mr. Kyerematen would receive 45%.

Among all voters, Mr. Kyerematen currently leads Dr. Bawumia with 54% to 46%. The poll also suggests that in the event of a runoff, among NPP voters, 21% of KOA supporters would back Dr. Bawumia, while 57% would support Mr. Kyerematen, and 23% would abstain from voting.

Regarding the race for the Jubilee House, the poll shows that both Dr. Bawumia and Mr. Kyerematen have lost ground to John Dramani Mahama compared to the April 2023 poll. The NDC flagbearer currently leads Dr. Bawumia by 55% to 37%, while Mr. Kyerematen trails with 39% to Mr. Mahama’s 54%.

When asked about the political party candidates they intend to vote for in the 2024 parliamentary elections, 48% of voters expressed their intention to vote for NDC candidates, while 36% indicated support for NPP candidates. Additionally, 3% mentioned voting for candidates from other parties, and 13% remained uncertain.

The poll findings indicate that 63% of voters believe Ghana is headed in the wrong direction, while 26% believe it is on the right path, and 11% have no opinion.

In terms of the president’s job performance, the poll shows that 34% of voters approve, while 60% disapprove, with 6% having no opinion.

Regarding the voters’ standard of living over the past twelve months, the poll reveals that 20% stated improvement, 45% mentioned deterioration, 29% noted no change, and 6% did not express an opinion.

When asked whether the 1992 constitution adequately addresses the country’s needs and challenges, only 28% agreed, while 50% disagreed, and 22% had no opinion.

Furthermore, among those who disagreed, 63% expressed support for amending the constitution, 19% opposed such amendments, and 18% had no opinion.

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