Duncan-Williams and Eastwood Anaba Step Down from National Cathedral Board of Trustees

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and Rev. Eastwood Anaba, Founders and Leaders of the United Denominations of Action Chapel Churches Worldwide and Eastwood Anaba Ministries respectively, have stepped down from their positions on the Board of Trustees responsible for overseeing the construction of the National Cathedral in Ghana.

The National Cathedral, initially intended to be a symbol of national unity and a place of worship, has been a subject of controversy and debate since its inception.

In a joint statement signed by Archbishop Duncan-Williams and Rev. Anaba, they cited the government’s failure to appoint an independent auditing firm to review all public funds allocated to the National Cathedral as the reason for their resignation. Their statement read, “Despite our prayers and best intentions, an essential audit to restore public confidence in this significant project has not been initiated to the best of our knowledge. Since January 2023, we have eagerly awaited news regarding the progress of the audit. As a matter of conscience and faith, we regretfully submit our resignation from the National Cathedral’s Board of Trustees.”

In January 2023, these esteemed clergymen had called for an immediate halt to the National Cathedral’s construction until an audit of the project could be conducted. They also pointed out that the current economic climate in Ghana posed challenges to the timely completion of the project and emphasized the need for transparency and accountability by appointing a recognized accounting firm to audit all public funds dedicated to the National Cathedral.

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