ECG to publish load shedding timetable for dumsor

On March 25, 2023, the Ministry of Energy announced that the Ghana Gas Company Limited had commenced a 14-day maintenance program at its Atuabo Gas Processing Plant. This program aims to enhance the reliability of the gas processing plant and transmission infrastructure.

However, the maintenance will result in the disruption of gas supply to some power plants, which will ultimately lead to power interruptions for some consumers. To manage the impact of the shutdown, the government is procuring additional gas from Nigeria, Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), and Light Crude Oil (LCO) to supplement the available domestic gas for power generation.

The Electricity Company of Ghana will release a schedule shortly to inform the public about the power interruptions. The Ministry of Energy assures the public that it is actively working with all stakeholders to mitigate any adverse effects of the maintenance program. This exercise is consistent with the government’s ‘Dum Siesie’ program, which aims to ensure reliable power supply through robust and necessary maintenance activities

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