Education Ministry Backs GES’s Decision to Interdict WASS Headmistress

Ministry of Education Supports GES Decision to Interdict WASS Headmistress over Illegal Fees Collection

The Ministry of Education has come forward to defend the Ghana Education Service’s (GES) action in interdicting Dr. Shine Agatha Ofori, the headmistress of West Africa Senior High School (WASS). The GES took this step following allegations of illegal fees collection from students.

In response to the issue, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Education Ministry, Kwesi Kwarteng, expressed that the GES made the right decision as there was evidence of illegal levying of students at WASS. He clarified that this was different from voluntary contributions made by parents to support the school.

While the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) demanded the immediate reinstatement of the headmistress, the Education Ministry reiterated that the decision was based on apparent wrongdoing at the school.

Kwesi Kwarteng questioned why only WASS faced such challenges and why other close to 900 senior high schools in the country did not levy the same fees.

On the other hand, NAGRAT believes that the issues faced by WASS are representative of the challenges encountered by various senior high schools nationwide. The Service’s Regional Disciplinary Committee has been tasked to investigate the matter.

Angel Carbonu, the president of NAGRAT, emphasized during a press conference that the headmistress had done nothing wrong. He urged the government to focus on providing financial resources to these schools to improve the overall quality of education they offer.

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