Ellen Ama Daaku, NPP Advocate, Believes Being Unmarried is Preferable for Her

Passionate Women’s Rights Advocate Ellen Ama Daaku Shares Insights on Marriage and Personal Choice

Ellen Ama Daaku, a dedicated advocate for women and children’s rights, has opened up about her personal belief that being unmarried is a better choice for her, drawing from her own experiences. The former aspirant for women’s organizer in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) advised women to approach the selection of a life partner with caution.

During her appearance on the Asaase Breakfast Show, Ama Daaku shared her perspective on the challenges faced by accomplished women when seeking compatible life partners. Reflecting on her own journey, she revealed that her personal experience aligns with the notion that high-achieving women often encounter difficulties in this aspect of their lives.

Being candid about her divorce and ongoing legal proceedings with her husband due to his irresponsibility, Daaku expressed her belief that not being married is a more favorable situation for her. She emphasized the importance for women to prioritize their well-being and make informed choices when it comes to partnership.

Daaku highlighted that as women, it is crucial to assert oneself and demand what brings comfort and enables personal growth. She stressed that marriage is not the sole path to achieving those goals. Encouraging women to take their time and carefully select a suitable partner, Daaku urged them to prioritize self-care and consider their own needs before making life-altering decisions.

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