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Emotional Breakdown: High School Student Reduced to Tears During Radio Interview

A heart-wrenching incident recently unfolded when a high school student, known by his stage name Jay Smoke but identified as John Arthur Junior, emotionally broke down and pleaded with a radio show host for an opportunity to be interviewed and promote his music.

A video capturing the moment was widely shared on Angel TV’s Facebook page, showing Jay Smoke in tears as he shared his story. The young man disclosed that he was a student at Kumasi Technical Senior Secondary School (KSTS) and, to support himself and alleviate the financial burden on his family, he also worked as a welder.

According to the radio show host, Jay Smoke approached him, immediately falling to his knees and bursting into tears, desperately seeking assistance. Despite the host’s attempts to encourage him to stand, Jay Smoke remained on his knees until the host insisted, eventually managing to rise to his feet.

During the course of the show, the radio host played Jay Smoke’s music, evoking deep emotions in the young artist and leading him to cry once again.

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