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Explosive Report by Frimpong Boateng Identifies ‘Presidential Galamseyers’

Former Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, has provided detailed evidence to support his previous claim that individuals at the Jubilee House and members of the governing New Patriotic Party are actively involved in illegal mining, also known as galamsey.

In a 37-page report, the former minister, who believes he was removed from his post because of his efforts to combat galamsey, stated that those involved in the illicit enterprise use Chinese nationals as fronts. He expressed his disappointment with the disregard shown towards environmental protection by those in power.

According to Boateng, many party officials at all levels, including those at the Jubilee House, have engaged their friends, agents, relatives, or financiers in illegal mining. He made it clear that he was not referring to those with legitimate concessions who were mining sustainably. He also accused some NPP officials of serving as lawyers for some galamseyers.

Boateng cited an NPP MP in the Ashanti Region who used his position in the Minerals Commission to acquire large-scale concessions in his district, ostensibly for community mining purposes, but sold them to private individuals, including party members, for GHS200,000 each. This action angered the party in the constituency, and during the 2020 primaries, the sitting MP lost to a lesser-known candidate who did not have the same financial resources.

Boateng’s report was compiled at the behest of the chief of staff and accuses a journalist of engaging in unlawful excavator sales and money laundering at the direction of some government appointees.

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