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Failatu Abdul-Razak’s cook-a-thon duration extended to seven days

Chef Failatu Abdul-Razak’s quest to break the Guinness World Records (GWR) for the longest individual cooking hours has seen a significant extension to seven days. Initially scheduled from January 01 to January 05, totaling 120 hours over five days, the cook-a-thon team decided to prolong the effort to over 144 hours.

Mr. Damba Naa, Manager of Failatu Abdul-Razak, explained in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Tamale that the extension was necessary to surpass the 144-hour cooking record set by Ugandan Chef Dorcus Mirembe, also known as Mama D. Mama D had unofficially broken the existing record by cooking for 144 hours from December 23 to December 28.

The decision to extend the duration of Chef Failatu’s cook-a-thon was strategic, aiming to surpass the existing record and set a new benchmark. As Chef Mama D’s accomplishment awaits confirmation from GWR officials, the culinary community eagerly anticipates the outcome of Failatu Abdul-Razak’s extended and ambitious cooking endeavor.

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