Family of Late Kikibees CEO Restricts Media Coverage of One-Week Observation Due to Alleged Biased Reporting

The family of the late Bennet Agyekum-Adoma, widely known as the CEO of Kikibees Restaurant and Lounge, has decided to exclude the media from covering his one-week observation ceremony. They cite concerns about biased and damaging media coverage that has followed his untimely passing.

The event, which took place at the East Legon Executive Clubhouse, was characterized by a veil of secrecy, with media personnel strictly instructed not to capture any photos or videos.

The family’s decision to restrict media access to the event is primarily rooted in their dissatisfaction with how reports have portrayed the young entrepreneur since his demise. They assert that the media should have awaited the autopsy report before disseminating information about his tragic death.

Cecilia Adomah, the mother of the late CEO, vehemently opposes the prevailing claims that her son either committed suicide or succumbed to drug-related causes. In an interview with Bigscout Media, she passionately defended her son’s character and reputation.

Mrs. Cecilia Adomah has repeatedly emphasized that her son was a successful, responsible businessman with no apparent reason to contemplate suicide or endanger his life. She expressed her shock at the false information circulating and questioned what her son could have lacked in life as a man with a loving family and a thriving career.

She recounted the last moments with her son, describing the loving farewell they shared during his visit to her in Amsterdam, just a week before his unexpected demise in Ghana. Her recollections undermine any claims of drug addiction or emotional turmoil.

“My son Ben, as I know him, isn’t a drug addict. He isn’t a drug addict. Jesus Christ! Ben came to visit me, spent a week here in Amsterdam, and left for Ghana. He hugged me, kissed me, and we prayed together. He left here around 1 am. It was his friend who even came to pick him up,” Mrs. Adomah passionately stated.

Furthermore, she revealed that she was initially informed of her son’s injury in church by outsiders, which further complicated the situation. Several people had informed her of her son’s injuries, which led to further inquiries until the truth of his death was revealed.

Ben’s younger brother, who was present during the interview, strongly believed that his brother was the victim of foul play. He pointed out inconsistencies in the events leading to his death, suggesting a well-calculated plot against his sibling.

He raised questions about why, if Ben had taken substances and was hyperactive, he did not cause harm to anyone with his car. Instead, he went to someone’s house to end his own life. He suggested that the available evidence indicated a well-planned plot to assassinate his brother.

Previously, the police report had suggested that Ben, prior to visiting his girlfriend on the night of his death, had consumed substances leading to hyperactivity, resulting in a heated altercation and property damage at her residence. The report also mentioned that Ben’s girlfriend had to leave the scene due to threats on her life. Ben was found with marks on his arms and blood oozing from his nose, suggesting a possible fall.

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