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“First Footage Emerges of Black Sherif Being Led Out of Airport Following ‘Arrest'”

On the evening of July 19, 2023, musician Black Sherif was apprehended at Kotoka International Airport (KIA) upon his arrival in the country. The action was taken as his name had been placed on a ‘STOP LIST,’ which, according to Kofi Adomah, the host of Kofi TV on YouTube, was due to his failure to honor a contract, leading to the filing of a complaint against him.

The news of Black Sherif’s ‘arrest’ quickly spread on social media, but no photos or videos were available initially. However, blogger Nkonkonsa later shared what seemed to be the first images of Black Sherif being escorted out of the airport. In the video shared on Twitter, he can be seen being led into a car by two individuals, one of whom was a police officer, while the other was in civilian clothing.

Following his detention at the airport, the musician was taken to the police headquarters in Accra, as reported by Kofi TV.

The contractual issue that led to this situation involved a show in Greece scheduled for July 4. Black Sherif had charged US$40,000 for the performance and received half of the amount upfront. The remaining balance was supposed to be paid after the show, but unfortunately, he did not fulfill his commitment.

Kofi Adomah mentioned that they had consulted their sources, which indicated that the ‘arrest’ was indeed related to the contractual dispute over the cruise ship performance in Greece.

As of now, the situation has garnered significant attention, and more details may emerge as the events unfold.

Video credit Kofi TV AND RADIO

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